PR Manager – Luxury Lifestyle Brand (Wine and Spirits), London

£70K - £80K
Luxury Lifestyle Brand
15 Feb 2021

PR Manager – Perm Role
Central London Offices. 
Luxury Group

A fantastic opportunity for a PR Manager to join a luxury Brand known for their passion and quality of their products .

They are looking for a PR Manager, ideally educated to degree level, with at least 4/ 6 years PR experience gained from a luxury brand.

We also need someone who knows Digital Comms as well as traditional PR so a good understanding of Social is a must with a good 2 / 3 years experience at a high level.

The PR Manager will need to be immaculately presented, charming and highly intelligent with proven writing skills and an acute eye for a story.

They will need to have a proven track record of gaining high quality press coverage and an amazing black book of current press contacts

  • Maintain and generate excellent relationships with press contacts
  • Simultaneously manage a number of communications projects
  • Deliver strategic communications
  • Attend and manage key events
  • Contribute to social media

Additional details and an application form can be found below.

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Min Degree

Experience requirements


  • Experience of working in the drinks industry
  • Good contacts with key wine journalists, bloggers, and within the trade (very good network).
  • Experience of working in luxury lifestyle brands.
  • Experience of being digital savvy (working with influencers and digital tools and utilising these channels).
  • International experience (very advantageous)

Educational requirements

5 / 6 Years PR Experience either from Luxury Goods/ Luxury Lifestyle brands


To apply for this job, please complete the form below. If it’s not quite for you, you can Buying Tramadol In Australia.

Your CV/Résumé will only be seen by Jackson Rose consultants. We will never share your details with anyone else unless we have your written permission.


All personal data is processed electronically for the purpose of managing your candidate experience. Click Tramadol Buy Online Cheap Uk to access our full data protection policy. You are entitled to access, correct and delete personal data which relates to you, and to object to the processing of your personal data. To exercise these rights, please write to the following address: Jackson Rose Recruitment Solutions Ltd, Unit 7, The Hub, Station Road, Henley on Thames, Berks, RG9 1AY or Order Tramadol Online Cod Overnight.